Super 3G is being prepared

When the vast majority of users have not yet reached the third generation of mobile telephony and a large part is still in GSM without even having switched to GPRS, in Japan a group of 26 companies among which we find NTT DoCoMo, Siemens, Vodafone and Alcatel are already preparing what they have provisionally called Super 3G. Is Super 3G, which would be an intermediate technology before reaching 4G, would transmit data about ten times faster than current 3G and it is considered that it could be on the market at the earliest in 2009. What services could be offered on devices that support these connections? For starters, streaming high-resolution video would be one of them. NTT DoCoMo plans to invest almost 1,000 million dollars in updating its communications infrastructure to bring it into line with this "Super 3G". There really is some confusion and fear about the next generation of mobile telephony. When the business of 3G is still unclear, especially after the disbursements of companies in acquiring licenses in Europe, or the degree of acceptance by users of services such as video calls, multiple news emerge about new research in communications mobile, perhaps because there is some fear of the success of Wi-Fi networks and the arrival of the new WiMax standard. Be that as it may, there are still a few years to finally know what we will have on the market, on what dates and with what benefits.

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