SecondSight, 3D augmented reality in education

Augmented reality is one of the technologies that are most impressing us and that seems more real can be done in the medium term. We have seen many demonstrations with the help of mobile phones and real applications on the street.

From the hand of ConnectedED, a subsidiary of the Japanese Sony, comes SecondSight, an augmented reality service through the console PSP. The operation has no secret, as it is based on something we have already seen: a book with codes that when scanned by mobile equipment such as a console, are activated and we access related content in the form of video, animation or information on the net.

This concept has focused on education and as we can see in the video above, it is in its initial phase with 3D models, which is its greatest novelty. The truth is that it is seen with many possibilities, right?

In Vidaextra | Augmented reality + PSP + Education = ‘Second Sight’. This is how our children will study.

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