Siemens shows the future in mobile telephony

It seems that Siemens has put the batteries in the Cebit and apart from presenting its latest innovations, it shows us its lines of research for upcoming mobile devices, among others a television on the phone, in which the European standard of digital DVB television has been used. -H which we have already talked about and storage in memory or hard disk, will offer us the viewing and recording of tv programs. The use of RFID will allow the constant exchange of information to the devices around you. Do you remember when in Minority Report the ads were personalized to those who passed by? We are perhaps going in that direction. Virtual keyboards that project the image of a keyboard onto a surface with which to interact, telephones with sensors that measure temperature, speed, noise, light. Or a phone to be in shape as the prototype Siemens Runster, designed for sports, if you run the music faster too; phones resistant not only to water, but also to shocks, dust, etc. And you can also talk to all of them

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