Siemens S75, there was an ace up his sleeve

After the Siemens house and the respective rumors that appeared after the announcement of the sale of its mobile division confused the staff, first giving the last terminal of the Siemens series to the SK65, and days later doing the same with the CL75, A new model has emerged to the fore. This is the S75, which was officially released on the 30th and will be available from October of this year.

With this terminal, Siemens aims to cover all the needs of users, both for work and business issues, and for mere entertainment, for which mobile phones are increasingly useful and sophisticated. With MP3 player, makes it easy to listen to your music with stereo headphones via Bluetooth. A 3x digital zoom for your 1.3 Megapixel camera that includes an integrated Flash-LED. It records videos and plays them through its 262,000-color screen.

The feature that at first glance does not seem too good is the storage capacity, since it only has 20 Mb, although it solves on the other hand through its RS-MMC expansion slot. Apart from all this, the typical functions of this type of terminal are more than covered with its tri-band technology, GPRS, Internet WAP 2.0, EDGE, 3D games and Java games. All this under only 90 gr. of weight.

It seems that this time the German brand has aimed high, perhaps because it will be the last model they manufacture?

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