Siemens SK65 marks the end of the Siemens mobile era

The Siemens SK65 is a tri-band mobile phone with a 65,000-color screen, 64MB of internal memory and bluetooth, among other things. It is a fairly ordinary mid-range mobile, the one that can draw the most attention apart from the hidden keyboard that comes out with a simple twist is the lack of certain functions that in these times are very common in new terminals such as radio, mp3 player or photo camera.

However, the news is that it may be one of the latest mobile phone models that Siemens brings to the market (if not the latest and final). And is that the German industrial group Siemens sells to the Taiwanese company Benq the one that had become a division that only caused losses.

Yesterday it was made official that the Benq brand will assume full control of the hitherto Siemens mobile division from October 1, making it a very important Benq shareholder. With this purchase, Benq acquires the right to use the Siemens trademark for the first 18 months in addition to using the BenQ-Siemens brand for 5 years. Will we miss Siemens mobiles?

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