SIMfi, a Wi-Fi access point inside a SIM card

It will be one of the novelties that Telefónica will present during the Mobile World Congress that will take place in Barcelona from 15 to 18 this month.

SIMfi, is a SIM card, but with a very interesting feature, since it incorporates a tiny integrated Wi-Fi access point, an antenna and a radio module compatible with IEEE 802.11, with which we can share the HSPA connection of our mobile to be able to use it from other devices, such as the laptop.

The card, which will be marketed by telephone, is manufactured by Sagem Orga under the name of ConnectSIM, and will work on any mobile phone as long as it supports HSDPA or EDGE.

Very interesting this new type of cards, which can definitively end the USB modems or the need, sometimes, to have a dual SIM to connect to the Internet via mobile connection, we will only need a laptop or computer with Wi-Fi to do it.

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