Hands-free, control your Samsung mobile by shaking it

I have mixed feelings about pragmatism and the ability of many well-known people to handle a phone like this that Samsung has just released. In any case, it is a truly novel idea that consists of using movements, instead of keys, to operate the mobile phone. An example: end the call and shake the device twice to hang it, or you make the same gesture to delete the spam. If you are listening to a song, move the terminal to the right to quickly skip the song. Of course it will take (personal) memory and skill to manage. Although there were previous prototypes Samsung is the first company to put a model with these capabilities on the market, the SCH-310. There are scenarios in which an application of this type can certainly have a great acceptance: the games in which the controllers are replaced by movements, I can already imagine turning the mobile and body gracefully in a car racing game. The SCH-310 also has GPS support, a 1.3 megapixel camera. (Thanks for the hint to Pablo de Abundando)

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