NTT DoCoMo control system based on the movement of our eyes and headphones

Not only phones and operating systems were presented at the Mobile World Congress, companies like the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo surprised us with truly innovative accessories and technology. The case at hand deals with a control system based on the movement of our eyes, in which particular headphones are used.

As you read it, and you can also check in the video that accompanies the news, the movement of our eyes is picked up by the innovative system and according to it, make the appropriate option. The technology is based on measuring the small changes in electrical potential that occur when moving our eyes, in this case the measurement is made in our external ear through electrodes that incorporate the headphones. Let's see the aforementioned video:

In the demo we see a music player, they give us as an example the typical commands to pause, skip songs, or play, but this time related to a specific movement of our eyes. The point is that the system works, without having to touch the headphones at all, or use voice recognition, and according to what the developers inform us, it continues to do so even if we have our eyes closed.

The truth that the system that Sony Ericsson proposed to us with its MH907, also related the control with headphones, but honestly it seems a joke next to this. Regardless of the viability of development, it is interesting to see how progress is being made in this regard. This technology was already known NTT DoCoMo since last October, but now it is starting to walk through the main technological events.

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