Sony-Ericsson P910a, much more than a phone

This new smartphone Sony-Ericsson targets the professional market, users of Blackberry or PDA type Treo 650. And is that the Sony-Ericsson P910a It is the successor to the P900, running on Symbian 7.0 and with stunning technical features. These include its QWERTY keyboard, which can be folded down so that when folded, the numbers are within reach of the user, its magnificent 262,000-color, 3-inch diagonal TFT screen and its megapixel resolution camera. What else? We could start and not finish: USB 2.0 support to connect it to the computer, Sony Memory Stick to expand its memory of 64 megabytes, which added to its ability to play MP3s and videos make it practically a portable multimedia player, Bluetooth, GPRS and a long etcetera that can be seen in its technical specifications. And where does being destined for a professional market come in? Well, to start with, your ability to view and edit Word and Excel files. We could continue with its support of the IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP mail protocols and its WAP 2.0 browser that allows access to webmails such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

As buts to this Sony-Ericsson P910a we can point out that it is not too big a step compared to the P900, whose users will not be worth updating. Also perhaps in connectivity it is a bit lame, it would have been much more competitive if it had Wi-Fi support, or at least 3G. In any case, a great phone that I wouldn't mind being given away.

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