Sony Ericsson W995: our impressions

Following the general trend of many companies, Sony Ericsson has not made great presentations of terminals at the Mobile World Congress either. The Idou certainly looks very good, but it is still a prototype that will still take time to see the light.

Anyway, we wanted to get closer to the stand from the manufacturer to be able to test the Sony Ericsson W995, the latest incarnation in its Walkman range, focused on playing music but does not neglect the camera aspect, incorporating an 8-megapixel sensor.

The followers of this range will be delighted with this model, since it follows the design line of the other models, so in this section we do not see great innovations. As paste we could put it that it is slightly thick, although that does not make it very heavy.

One of the great advantages that the Sony Ericsson W995 brings is that it includes a 3.5-mm headphone jack, leaving behind the manufacturer's hobby of forcing you to use the proprietary jack and the phone's own headphones. Something that also does HTC and that we don't like anything.

We do like that Sony takes advantage of the fact that it has a standard interface for multimedia options and uses it in its various devices, from televisions to PSP, going through mobiles like this. It is the XMB and allows us to easily navigate through multimedia content.

Another interesting option of the Sony Ericsson W995, although unfortunately we will not see it here at the moment, is that it incorporates an integrated music store. With it we can download all the music we want paying a flat monthly fee (in Nordic countries it costs about 10 euros, approximately), and listen to it both on the mobile and on the computer.

For price, Comes With Music by Nokia seems like a better option, but we also like Sony Ericsson's. The catalog is quite large, about three million songs, and browsing and searching is easy.

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