Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini and Mini Pro, we tested them

Sony Ericsson surprised us yesterday afternoon with the presentation of the complete family of Xperia X10, which complement the older brother with two models of reduced size and weight but also equipped with the Android operating system.

Seeing the novelty of the proposal, we had no other option but to approach the stand the manufacturer to test them to see if this bet had failed or had been successful. And once tested we are left with the impression that there is one of lime and another of sand.

We start with the good thing, which in this case is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, a name bigger than the screen of the terminal, which is only 2.55 inches and has a resolution of 320 × 240 pixels. With it, Sony Ericsson has managed to convince us that an Android phone with small dimensions is possible.

The screen is small but more than acceptable for that resolution. Having the physical keyboard in sliding format available, it is not difficult to use it, since the interface has been designed with the limitations imposed by its dimensions.

Thus, we do not find the standard Android interface, but a personalized one in which the four corners of the home screens offer us direct access to different functions, from email to music, through our contact book. And if we drag our finger upwards, the application launcher is activated.

Quite a success also that this application launcher is ordered by screens, in a style similar to that of the iPhone, contrary to the Android standard that is a single panel that we can see above and below.

The last point in favor of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is its keyboard. One might think that due to its size the keyboard will not be too comfortable, but on the contrary, its use is more than good, surpassing other models that we have been testing (such as the Milestone, for example).

On the contrary, its "almost twin" brother, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini loses the sliding keyboard, but surprisingly it hardly loses thickness with respect to this, which would have been a fact very much in its favor, but that makes us stick with a fairly thick terminal. Of course, at least it is much lighter.

But in this case, the size of the screen does weigh it down, since having a virtual keyboard makes it uncomfortable to write with it, due to its compactness. The physical keyboard of his brother is a practically indispensable element.

I think Sony Ericsson has made a great step forward in the Android world, achieving what terminals like HTC Tattoo could not do, which is offers a compact size with good benefits. Let's not forget that not so long ago we were looking for smaller and smaller phones and Sony Ericsson is offering it. We have decidedly been delighted with the Pro model.

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