Sony prepares the war against Apple: it finally seems that there will be a PSP Phone

And in 2010, the legend of the PSP Phone came back stronger than ever. He has said it WSJ and it seems to be very serious this time.

The so many times rumored phone PSP Sony could arrive this year, accompanied by a certain team destined to compete directly with the Apple iPad. The reasons we all understand: the iPhone is eating the market for portable consoles in an alarming way and the market for e-books and the consumption of home entertainment has the iPad, also from Apple, among its favorite computers for the near future.

Therefore, we are not surprised that Sony has decided to take the necessary step forward to try to offer the consumer what it seems to demand. And the first thing could be PSP Phone. But couldn't Sony simply upgrade their phones with Ericsson and give them access to games on its online network? No. Here the brand matters a lot, and PSP can definitely mean the difference between yet another phone and the phone.

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