Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 review

The commonplace has been created that Android, in tablets, only works in the market when it competes in price with iPad. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 comes to demonstrate that, at least, there are strong bets and it will be up to us to choose.

If your predecessor has already left us with a good taste in your mouth, we have plenty of reasons to go deep and analyze one of the high-end tablet candidates of the year. Let's see how the Sony Z2 Tablet has behaved.

First of all, on video

A device like the Z2 tablet deserved nothing less than a video analysis to see it in action.

Technical characteristics

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 screen TFT IPS 10.1 inch Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels, 224 dpi Processor Qualcomm 801 quad-core 2.3 GHz Graphics processor Adreno 330 RAM 3GB RAM Memory 16 GB. Allows microSD up to 64 GB S.O. version Android 4.4.2 Connectivity GPS + GLONASS, WiFi (802.11 a / b / g / n / ac), BT4.0; in the analyzed version also LTE Cameras Rear: 8 MP Exmor RS / Front: 2 MP Dimensions 172 x 266 x 6.4 mm Weight 439 grams the version analyzed with LTE Official starting price From 489 euros the version with 16 gigs only Wifi. In On Amazon

We have found it to 485

Looking at the sheer spec page there isn't much room to reproach Sony for. Top of the range in micro with the Snapdragon 801 from Qualcomm, three gigs of RAM, full connectivity ... perhaps the screen is more debatable - more on that later - but if we also combine weight and thinness of the device we have a high-end full-fledged .

That design sounds familiar to me

Sony continues with its own line and language, so notorious on mobile with the latest Xperia Z and that has also moved to the tablet range. That characteristic circular button, the industrial air and the rounded corners are beginning to be a brand of the house and work really well on this tablet.

If something catches your attention at first sight, it is the simplicity and absence of complexity in it. When turned off, noise is reduced to a minimum and the rounded corners hardly stand out from the other elements. That and, of course, thinness.

Personality and above all extreme lightness and thinness are already a reference in this Xperia Z2

It is in this last section that the Z2 - together with the lightness - achieves an outstanding brand. In fact in hand the sensation is of such absence of weight for a ten inch tablet that one wonders if it will have something inside. The 6.4 millimeters thick and 426 grams of weight (439 in the LTE version) are a benchmark for the entire sector and a good reason to hold the product with one hand on many occasions.

Where Sony does not shine as much is in the size of the product, due to the presence of very pronounced frames. This, that in the Z2 mobile we highlight as one of its few weak points, in the tablet we excuse it a little more, because sometimes it improves ergonomics, the one-hand hold. In any case, it is one of the points in which this Z2 tablet can improve.

In the rest highlight that, despite the quality construction, the back is plastic. It provides a nice touch and good grip, but this time Sony does not add the most premium material.

A screen with better colors than density

If in a section Sony has left the Xperia Z2 tablet below some competitors in specifications, it is on the screen. Its fullHD resolution is high but not as high as some of the most powerful players in the category - Toshiba Pro, iPad Air or Note 2014 - and it is another of the points where Sony has room for improvement.

Many will point out that the 10-inch experience with fullHD is more than satisfactory, but it is also true that there are use cases in which increasing the resolution helps, especially when reading or viewing websites.

Sony has succeeded in moving to an IPS panel but it has fallen short in resolution if we look at its direct rivals

Where we do see improvement is in its move to IPS. As with mobile phones, this has improved the quality of Sony's screen in several ways: better brightness and contrast, much better viewing angles ... although not all, and outdoor visibility in bright sunlight is still not entirely. good. This, which was more worrisome on mobiles, is not so much the concern of a tablet called to be used much more indoors.

In short, the experience with the screen is remarkably high. It is nice to view images, watch videos and the resolution is more than enough to have a very good 10-inch experience. Is it the best in the sector? No, at this point Sony is not going to climb to the top of the podium due to the visibility outdoors and a lower resolution than the tops of Apple, Toshiba, Asus or Samsung.

Better sound, good on camera, as it should be on a tablet

Let's start with the best in multimedia on the Z2 tablet: the sound from the speakers is surprisingly good for the slimness of the product. Four speakers - also very well placed so that with a traditional tablet grip we do not cover any - they do not give a very powerful sound experience, but they do provide quality.

As with smartphones, we appreciate that Sony has in mind to improve the sound of their equipment

To this it adds that it incorporates noise cancellation technology that, with the right headphones, gives us a very good experience for this use case.

In fact I would venture to add that the interface of your music application is quite good. Although one uses Spotify above all, only for the Sony app I'm about to give their Unlimited service a try.

On camera we are in a familiar terrain for the Japanese. With good judgment in the tablet they have not put the last of the latest and they pull to amortize sensors of their Exmor R family. The rear camera offers 8 megapixels (eye in 4: 3 format, in 16: 9 it only gives five) and the front one is about two.

Beyond the debate of walking around shooting photos with a ten-inch screen in hand, the fact is that many people do it, possibly because it is the best camera they have on them and, therefore, it is time to assess it.

In the case of the Z tablet it is, again in the context of a tablet, reasonably good. Vivid outdoor colors - perhaps somewhat saturated - and a good level of detail when exposure is easy. Indoors, night and high contrast situations it suffers, as it could not be otherwise, but it continues to give an acceptable level

Take me to the kitchen. And to more places

Fulfilling the IP55 / IP58 certifications being submersible up to 30 minutes at 1.5 meters not only serves so that in each analysis of the tablet it appears immersed in water, it opens the door to some quite interesting use cases for this type of device.

Two scenarios exemplify it, one is the kitchen where it is a pleasure to be with the peace of mind that the tablet shares the table where we cook - of course, with recipes from Direct to the Palate - and then we can clean it with a simple rinse.

It is appreciated that in environments such as the kitchen or bathroom this Xperia Z2 Tablet can be used without fear

Another is not underwater photography with a tablet - yes, it will have its audience - but the fact that the Xperia Z2 tablet is probably the best companion bathtub / jacuzzi device ever designed.


Like other manufacturers, Sony has lightened its interface layer and focused on the details where it can truly add value. It is true that everything - from icons to menus - has the "design touch" of Sony, but they have avoided redefining the experience that others have promoted, such as Samsung with the Pro range.

We are therefore with an Android 4.4 Kit Kat together with Sony's own apps - Playstation, Walkman - and the "Whats New" functionality with content recommendations that compete with Google Now when we hit the Home button.

For the rest, the same strengths and weaknesses that we can attribute to Android. It continues with a more limited ecosystem than iPad because many app developers continue to not optimize for tablets and, in my opinion, on such a large device one gets lost looking for touch buttons that are not as intuitive as on a mobile. And the latter hurts the experience somewhat when you want to interact from full screen.

Performance and autonomy

As for performance we can add little to the table of specifications, it is great in each task that we have ordered. The Qualcomm Soc shows, the three gigabytes of memory too, as much as in the benchmarks "only" get a tad less than the top of Samsung.

In Antutu it stays at 33770 (the most powerful in the segment, Note 10.1 2014 went to 35000 but curiously the Pro stayed at 32000), while it reaches Quadrant at 17183, which again leave it a little below Samsung.

In storage, although the base version brings the increasingly insufficient 16 gigs, it is expandable with a microSD card, which is always highly appreciated.

In autonomy Sony's promise is 10 hours watching video. Server has not exactly repeated that test, but I can attest that between six hours and six and a half hours of intensive and varied use - apps, navigation, multimedia, high brightness screen, connectivity - is what gives this tablet.

Xataka's opinion on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 is a great product that, of course, deserves that we turn the page in that idea that Android tablets cannot throw in the high-end range.

In design, performance, hardware features, sound, lightness and water resistance it is as high as the most; in others - screen resolution, autonomy, size of the frames - we can make objections, but they do not tarnish the complete experience with the product.

Finally we have to talk about the price. The version with 16 gigabytes and only Wifi comes out with a recommended retail price of Sony for 489 euros (on Amazon

We have found it at 485), competing in the same range as the iPad or the Galaxy Note range, something that does not make things easy for him and, in addition, shows Sony's confidence in competing at the top of the range.

Without a doubt, a candidate for the best tablet of the year from now on.


Design9.8 screen Performance9 Software7.5 Autonomy8,5

In favor

  • Powerful design with identity
  • Light and slim like no other
  • Great sound with speakers
  • Overall performance


  • Screen resolution for high-end
  • Android ecosystem neglects tablets yet
  • Excessive tinker frame

The tablet has been loaned for testing by Sony. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises

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