Sony Xperia Z3, first impressions on video

Habemus Xperia Z3. Like more or less like the trend to offer two franchises a year, Sony has thought that better to go to the Christmas campaign with news and updated high-end than to wait several months and that this season they have to suffer before the Note 4 or iPhone 6.

From the team we have already gutted all the technical characteristics and news regarding the Z2. In these first impressions we are going to try to discern if these variations are perceived substantially in the first approach to the device.

From the outset it should be noted that Sony continues in its line of weight loss. Above all, the Z3 is significantly thinner, without giving up the sensor for the camera with which the team is positioned as the quintessential photographic mobile, they are still thicker than the best in the competition, even managing to shorten the distances.

Less frame, lighter and thinner, but the Z3 does not just break with the theoretical waste of space that the bottom implies and that causes that for the screen that mounts (5.2 inches) the phone continues to be larger than its competitors and hold at 154 grams.

Sony remains in FullHD: commitment to autonomy vs. resolution

As for the other variables, note that we began to find curves (the corners of the phone, the openings for SIM or microSD) that detract from the aggressiveness of the design of the Z line, so far marked by the straight lines.

On the screen there are two issues to highlight: they have decided to stay in 1080p and not jump to 2K as LG did with G3, prioritizing autonomy over resolution; The second issue is that Sony boasts of having improved performance outdoors and incidentally achieve a lower power consumption of the mobile.

In the first impressions - we have spent no more than 30 minutes with the terminal - we will not be able to conclude if both objectives are achieved: our tests have been indoors and we will need several days to assess that aspect of autonomy.

In photography there should be no major changes compared to Z2: the sensor has thinned and the only news is that it can shoot at a higher ISO (which should help us in low-light conditions not to leave the photos so moved, although there will be what to see the price of how much grain they add) and new modes of photography with augmented reality (a steroid version of their app to put dinosaurs in the photos) ... plus a very interesting one to "control" other Xperias (or one Sony camera with Wifi) and make a video from that captured by up to three cameras.

We have submerged it - now it has passed to IP 68 - but above all we liked that it is now more striking when you leave one of the compartments (charging, SIM) open by not identifying with the edge of the phone.

Autonomy, photography and, I would not leave it aside at all, integration with PS4 are the great subjects for the Z3 that we leave for the in-depth analysis that we will bring to Xataka as soon as possible.

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