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For a few minutes it has been a reality: Spotify applications for iPhone and Android are already available to the public. Don't you know Spotify? It is a streaming music service that many of us already knew in its version for computers, but which has now taken a very important leap to porting itself to mobile phones.

Spotify has always had a business model of sorts freemium: offer two modalities, one free and limited (Spotify skipped ads from time to time), and another paid. The applications for iPhone and Android can only be run if we are paid users, although the amount is, in my view, laughable: 10 euros per month in monthly subscription mode, or 1 euro if we pay daily.

The application looks very similar in features on both platforms, both for iPhone and for Android phones. The feature that will draw the most attention is the offline mode, which will allow you to download a list of songs while we are connected and listen to it whenever we want, whether or not we have a connection. The download can be by WiFi or by 3G, although in the latter case we will have to be careful with the rate of our telemarketer.

Of course, you can create lists and search for songs from the entire Spotify catalog, the same one that we have in the application for computers.

The interface that I have seen for now (some official screenshots in iTunes and a small analysis in ElAndroideLibre) is very clean and respects the interfaces of the two operating systems. A small point against is that the Spotify application on iPhone and Android is necessary, the content will not be able to be played (at least officially) through the default players of the operating systems.

Of course, both applications will display album art and track and disc information in great detail. In addition, both are free and can be found in the respective stores: the App Store in the case of iPhone terminals, and the Android Market for Android phones. I repeat once again that for authentication you require a premium Spotify account.

The two applications presented today open a very interesting debate around music. Many think that the music world has been dead for years, largely due to what is commonly called piracy. Others, on the other hand, think that what is needed is for music to adapt to the current environment and the Internet.

Spotify was born as a bet to renew the medium, with some major labels behind. Paying 10 euros for a month of unlimited music, without advertising and without hindrance, with great quality, without leaving home and on demand, seems to me a very interesting option. Will it be projects like Spotify that this medium needs to avoid falling under its own weight? Something tells me that if they were in the red a few weeks ago, their coffers are going to fill up starting today. At least I have already read through Twitter that many are thinking of subscribing as premium users (if they are not already). I admit that I am also thinking about it.

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