Super Mario Run, the new iOS game that Apple premieres by surprise

Surprises begin soon at Apple's presentation. During the usual first announcements in terms of numbers and downloads, we learned about the collaboration of Nintendo, specifically in the new Super Mario Run video game for iOS.

As they have just explained it can be played with one hand, thinking especially of those users of the iPhone SE or iPhone 6 or 6s, although there is an iPad version as well. A game of the popular Nintendo character in which there will be several modes, such as Rally or Battle Mode, which can be played with other network users.

Shigeru Miyamoto himself has been in charge of co-presenting the game, announcing the arrival of the famous character to the Apple operating system. Thus, it is a simple game (like the original) with very simplified controls, and they have shown us some of the game's scenarios that, as we said, will have different modalities.

At the moment they have not commented on the price, but what they have specified is that it will not be free to play. That is, it will have a fixed price and it will not be a free game in which we find subsequent in-app purchases. Regarding the availability of the game in the App Store, they have indicated that it will be before the end of this 2016, although they have not specified an approximate date.

In addition, minutes later they have continued with the surprises related to their collaboration with Nintendo. In addition to this new game for iPhone and iPad, those who own an Apple Watch will be able to play the very popular game of the summer (and maybe of the year) Pokémon Go, since they have also presented the app for this device.

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