3g superflow with the z800

Although it is not a last minute news, it could not happen without commenting on this Sony Ericsson Z800. This is one of Sony's strongest bets to gain a significant share of the 3G UMTS terminal market. It has pretty much everything a high-end phone can demand today, leaving the Sony K600 for the mid-range. For starters, both Bluetooth and infrared and USB connectivity, continuing with a 1.3 megapixel camera and 4x digital zoom. Of course, all the possibilities enabled by being a 3G relay such as video calls or streaming video support. As an entertainment center, it is not negligible either: it supports music files in MP3 and AAC format, MPEG-4 video playback and its 256000-color screen make it an acceptable gadget for video games.

Regarding memory (an important issue in order to use it as a portable music player) with the Memory Stick PRO Duo card support it would reach up to 1Gb of capacity, which could lead us to carry about 250 songs on it (it comes by default with 64 megabytes) . The design remains to be mentioned: we are facing the umpteenth mobile phone with an outstanding look and clearly influenced by the RazR with its extreme thinness. Without a doubt, one of the star terminals of this 2005.

More information | Sony Ericsson z800.

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