Swype, don't type, drag your finger

When mobile phones only had a small number of keys, the T9 came to decrease the number of keystrokes we had to do to enter text on it. With ubiquitous touchscreens, Swype wants to do something similar, speed up the process.

It is not a trivial comparison, since the developer of Swype is one of the creators of T9, so something knows about it. And now it is shown that companies have an interest in this technology, since Nokia and Samsung have announced that they invest in it, for the moment without clarifying whether they will implement it in their products.

Well, Samsung said that it would offer it on the Omnia II that will be sold in the United States, and everything indicates that some Android terminals will also come with it next year.

Ah, but we have not explained what it consists of. The best way to know how Swype works is to watch the video, but we can get used to the idea if we say that instead of pressing each key of a word, with this method we must drag our finger between them to write it.

At first glance it may not seem very practical, but they ensure that speeds of up to 30 words per minute can be achieved, which is not bad. Of course, the quality of touch screens will have to be good for technology like this to work properly.

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