Symbian 9, anti-Trojans and multimedia

Although the first phones equipped with it will not arrive until the second half of this 2005, the new version of the popular operating system for smartphones, Symbian OS 9, has already been presented. This Symbian OS 9, according to its own developers, grows strong in the multimedia for the mobile phone, with support for three-dimensional graphics, Bluetooth stereo headsets and multi-megapixel cameras. Another aspect that they claim to have improved is that of security, with special attention to Trojans, something fundamental after the problems that Symbian has suffered during 2004 with Cabir and Skulls. More news? Well, they have also added to Symbian 9 the possibility of using the phone as a USB storage drive, enabling "drag and drop" from the computer.

In short, interesting promises for the new version of the flagship smartphone operating system in a year that will have to face competition from Windows Mobile (which also threatens a new version, Windows Mobile 2005) and security problems, which They threaten to turn the mobile phone into a new battlefield behind the PC.

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