Telefónica turns its phones into GPS navigators

Telefónica has launched a GPS service that uses the mobile phone as a browser, Movistar route. More or less. The system works with the combination of a small GPS module (almond shaped and weighing 70 grams) that connects to the phone via Bluetooth. The telephone serves as a display screen and a source of communication with the mapping servers that send the position in which the user is. If you use it to follow a route, set the departure and arrival points, the system dictates the instructions over the phone to follow the route. monthly of 10 euros plus a high of about 100 euros for the purchase of the equipment. The system has coverage in 16 European countries and North America (United States and Canada) and currently works with terminals with Symbian operating system, (Nokia series 60 and 70, Siemens SX1, Motorola A920, A925 SonyEricsson P800, P900 and P910i and the Being X). It will be available in March for contract users.

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