Telefónica launches the first mobile music store

Starting on November 18, some Telefónica Móviles users will be able to buy songs from their terminals. The songs will be sold for 1 euro, to which we will have to add the cost for the download traffic. So it will be much more expensive than downloading a song from the Internet. They do not say anywhere the quality of the songs. And apparently there will be a repertoire of about 30,000 songs for Christmas. It can only be used initially by someone who owns a Nokia 6600 or some other Nokia 60 series model. Apparently the quality of the songs will not be very high because in Cinco Días they indicate that the songs weigh about 700 KB, with which the quality is quite low. Will it work ?, I don't think, and rather it seems that Telefónica is testing the market. At the moment there are users who are already testing it, can someone who has told us?

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