Netgear WiFi phone for Skype is now bookable

The issue of WiFi phones is something that we have always followed closely since Xataka. In fact, it seems to us that sooner or later it will be the usual thing, that is, when the function is fully integrated into mobile phones for daily use and WiFi networks are day to day.

So for those interested in the subject, tell them that the Netgear phone, one of the most talked about, is now available to reserve on Amazon, with a special price of $ 250, 50 less than if you wait for the launch planned for June 30.

For those who do not remember, this terminal allowed you to use Skype without having to have it connected to the computer. It already has the program installed and just by entering username and password, if you have a WiFi network at your fingertips, you can use the program to call whoever you want.

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