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The Taiwanese company HTC (manufacturer of many models of PDAs and phones that later carry other brands, and specifically the world's largest manufacturer of phones with Windows operating system, called Smartphones) has announced that it is developing a new range of Smartphone phones with QVGA screen (320x240 pixels) and integrated WiFi.

Integrated WiFi, together with the use of IP telephony, can be a revolution and it seems that HTC, aware of this, has already contacted Skype to study the possible adaptation of its software to Smartphones. Since Smartphones use a version of Windows similar to that used on PocketPCs, for which there is already a version of Skype, the adaptation should not be very complicated for Skype. Considering that HTC's main customers are telecommunications operators (which will not be very happy about the idea of ​​people using IP telephony on their mobiles), there is a clear incentive problem for HTC; However, it seems that despite this they are determined to offer this innovative service, which will allow the user to switch comfortably (or even automatically) from calls over the telephone network to calls over IP when in a WiFi hotspot. . If we combine this with a flat (or semi-flat) UMTS rate, it won't even be necessary to search for a WiFi hotspot, so the impact on voice minutes can be even more significant.

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