Windows Phones phones with app store for October 6

October 6 will be the day that we can officially say that we use a Windows phone. Not an iPhone or an Android or even a Blackberry. Microsoft wants to turn its strategy around in the world of mobile telephony and, as we already know, the chosen name will be Windows Phones.

That day Microsoft will put its range of Windows Phones mobile phones on sale globally. They will not make the hardware but they will be brands like HTC, Acer, HP and Toshiba among others those that put the physical part. Microsoft will introduce Windows Mobile 6.5 and the operators will do the rest. Orange and Vodafone seem to be the ones in charge of Windows phones in Spain.

In addition to an improved interface for working with touchscreens, Microsoft will introduce with its Windows Phones its Windows Marketplace application store and the My Phone service, in charge of data and file synchronization.

In Xatakamovil | Windows Mobile 6.5 for October 6.
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