Motorola terminals with Android

Motorola is betting heavily on the future of its Android mobile division. After losing a lot of market share and a good season without launching particularly noteworthy terminals, by the end of the year the American manufacturer is expected to have two devices on the market.

Most likely, at first they will only be sold in the United States and arrive in two different versions, one for networks GSM and others for CDMA. The first could be the Motorola Morrison, which has been unveiled by the FCC, so it would be quite close to launch.

It would be a not particularly powerful terminal, rather focused on a young audience that wants to use it to communicate by messaging and for multimedia. It has connectivity GSM and 3G, a camera with video recording, Bluetooth, voice control and multimedia playback.

The Motorola Sholes seems more powerful, although only a few have been seen renders, so there is nothing confirmed yet. In this case we would have a 3.7-inch screen with a resolution of 480 × 854 pixels, 512 MB of storage, a 5-megapixel camera, receiver Gps, Wi-Fi connectivity and support CDMA and EVDO.

Will we see any of these terminals before October? Surely, because Motorola is playing hard his cards and for the beginning of that month he holds a conference for Android developers, in addition to offering a development kit with which he wants to promote the creation of applications for these terminals.

More information | BGR and Engadget.

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