TomTom moves tab in the United States against mobile phones

The free navigation of Google Maps took its toll on the business of geolocation systems, but it was undoubtedly Nokia's decision to offer its navigation services completely free of charge to a multitude of potential terminals in the market that destabilized the business. Almost without realizing it, the mobile phone is eating his cake.

The companies that develop software, offer services or sell dedicated devices, they are turning the matter around, and the truth is that the maneuvers have not been long in coming: TomTom has decided to offer free, and without a deadline, the update of the maps on their devices, in addition of updates in traffic services.

Currently only available in the United States, and for XL and XXL that exceed $ 200. The company also gives value to its devices arguing that it is not necessary to use 3G networks to show a map, as it happens with Google devices.

We remind you that in the case of Ovi Maps, we do not have speed problems when downloading the maps, since we can carry them on the phone, but if we connect the AGPS or we want to see the satellite view if we need a data connection. They also assure us that their Gps They connect faster to satellites than a mobile phone can normally do.

Official site | TomTom.

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