Toshiba claims to have created a device capable of detecting 13 cancers with 99% accuracy with a single drop of blood

During a press conference in Japan, Toshiba unveiled a new medical device that is based on technology that they claim has the ability to detect up to 13 different types of cancer from a single drop of blood and with 99% accuracy.

According to information collected by the Japan Times, the device uses a diagnostic method that was developed in conjunction with the National Research Institute of the Cancer Center and the Tokyo Medical University, and which they hope to be able to commercialize in the coming years.

An important method that would detect cancer in its early stage for treatment

As they explain, the method is based on the analysis of the types and concentration of microRNA molecules secreted into the blood by cancer cells. A method that is currently used by some institutes and companies due to its effectiveness and almost immediate results, since you can have a first diagnosis in less than 48 hours.

What Toshiba is proposing is to manufacture a device that does all of this analysis and diagnosis automatically, the results of which would take less than two hours, according to the company. This task would be possible thanks to the development of a chip that would allow the patient's blood to be examined almost immediately.

Toshiba points out that they would be able to detect up to 13 different types of cancer: such as gastric, esophageal, lung, liver, pancreatic, intestinal, ovarian, prostate, bladder and breast cancer, as well as sarcoma and glioma.

Koji Hashimoto, chief research scientist at Toshiba's Border Research Laboratory, explained:

"Compared to other companies' methods, we have an advantage in the degree of accuracy in cancer detection, the time required for detection, and the cost."

Toshiba hopes to start testing the device the following year, and its goal is that in the future it can be used in all hospitals as a regular part of medical check-ups. The company estimates that today, a blood test and cancer diagnosis using its device would have a price that would not exceed 20,000 yen, about 167 euros in exchange.

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