Toshiba Biblio, mobile and book reader

I do not quite see the point of an electronic book reader that does not have an electronic ink screen, that is, those that do not consume energy except when we change the page, but the world of Japanese electronics is strange, so the Toshiba Biblio could only see the light there.

The thing has a trick, because it is actually a phone that incorporates book reader functions. Hence the reduced size of its screen, 3.5 inches, but which in return offers a quite surprising resolution, 480 × 960 pixels.

To store the content, the Toshiba Biblio has a total of 7 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded using MicroSD cards of up to 8 GB. Connectivity is complemented by Wi-Fi support, including the Opera 9.5 browser and Flash support.

Being a Japanese phone, a good-quality, 5-megapixel autofocus camera, it was something we almost took for granted, as well as the inclusion of a 1Seg TV tuner and allowing it to be used as a wallet card.

As a curiosity, its type keyboard slider varies depending on whether we use it horizontally, where it will be displayed as a keyboard QWERTY full, or if we use it vertically, showing a conventional mobile keyboard. As expected, the Toshiba Biblio will only be available in Asian lands.

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