Toshiba Chromebook 2, touchdown

He stand Toshiba at IFA 2014 is in the same place as previous years, and has the same division into product groups of products: three major categories consisting of televisions, storage and computers.

Among the latter, one of its novelties is the Toshiba Chromebook 2, a couple of new laptops with Chrome OS, an aesthetic very close to that of the Ultrabooks although a much lower price. They are not the most powerful, but why need high performance in such a limited team? This is our contact with Toshiba's new Chromebook 2.

Don't expect big power, no need

The characteristics of the new Chromebook 2 do not differ too much from the original models, presented in January.They have slightly improved some aspects and above all they have added a model with a FullHD screen and 4 GB of RAM, which can be interesting for those looking for extra quality.

Below we review the list of most important technical specifications, many of them shared by the two models:

Toshiba Chromebook 2 screen 13.3 inch Resolution 1366x768 or 1920x1080 pixels Microprocessor Intel Celeron + Integrated Graphics Storage 16 GB eMMC + microSD (up to 128 GB) RAM 2 GB (HD) or 4 GB (FullHD) DDR3L Connectivity WiFi up to 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.0
1xUSB 2.0 and 1xUSB 3.0 Others Audio Skullcandy Battery Up to 11.5 hours (HD) or 9 hours (FullHD) Dimensions 320x214x19.3 mm Weight 1.35 kilograms Price 299 or 339 euros (HD and FullHD respectively, not final price)

As you can see, the performance is not one of its strengths, although it is true that Chrome OS does not need a large machine to function properly. In our brief contact with the 4GB FullHD deRAM model, the truth is that the system ran very smoothly at all times, both in the opening of applications and in the interface.

Obviously, given the operating system, the possibilities of these Toshiba Chromebook 2 are quite limited compared to other computers, something that we have already debated both in the analysis of Chrome OS and in that of another of the most recent Chromebooks, that of the Acer C270 . Chrome OS is designed for web browsing, multimedia tasks and simple office automation, all in a closed and limited system.

A curious feature is that Skullcandy sound signature. A brand typically aimed at young audiences and now named after Toshiba's Chromebook 2 speaker set. It gives us an idea that one of the objectives of these laptops is precisely that group of users as well as the educational sector, another of the great destinations of the category of Chrome OS equipment in general.

Chromebook 2 price and availability

At the presentation within the IFA 2014, the people of Toshiba Europe confirmed that the new Toshiba Chromebook 2 will hit the market soon, without giving a more specific date.

We were assured that the basic model with HD screen and 2 GB of RAM memory would inherit the price of the previous generation, which can currently be found on the market for 299 euros. For its part, the top model with FullHD screen and 4 GB of RAM would have a slightly higher price, about 40 euros more. However, these prices are not final, so the final figures may vary before launch.

More information | Toshiba

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