Toshiba Encore Mini, touchdown

Tablets have lowered their prices a lot in recent months, to such an extent that many are already offered for the environment of 100 euros. They are usually simple computers with an Android system, but from this IFA 2014 we will also have another competitor in the market: it is the Toshiba Encore Mini, a low-cost Windows 8.1 tablet.

Small and really simple, we can not wait any longer with the starting price: Toshiba Encore Mini will be worth 119 euros. One of the novelties of IFA 2014 that we have tested, and whose contact we offer below.

Simple features, unbeatable price

We are used to Windows, and that will certainly help. Toshiba Encore Mini is a Windows 8.1 'Pro' tablet, the full version on which we can install the same software as on our 'other' computer. The same?

Technically yes, it will be possible, but under the limitation of 16 GB of internal storage, based on the eMMC standard, although expandable via microSD up to another 128 GB. Yes, storage is one of its weak points of this tablet and it will force us to have to resort to other possibilities beyond local data.

We will review the complete characteristics of the Toshiba Encore Mini in the following table:

Toshiba Encore Mini screen 7 inches Resolution 1024x600 pixels SoC Intel Atom Z3735G
4 cores at 1.33 ~ 1.83 GHz. Storage 16 GB eMMC + microSD (up to 128 GB) RAM 1 GB DDR3L @ 1333 MHz. Connectivity WiFi up to 802.11n
Bluetooth 4.0 Cameras 2 and 0.3 Mpx. Battery More than 7 hours Dimensions 119.8x199x10.9 mm Weight 350 grams

Obviously its performance is also reduced. It is based on an Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core processor and integrated Intel graphics. It is not focused on video games but to provide an acceptable experience in multimedia playback and little else. Its screen is not extraordinary either, with a quite normal resolution.

Performance? Scarce, but enough

Yes, the performance is poor if we compare it with other tablets (we all have Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in mind, without a doubt the great protagonists of the Windows 8 ecosystem) but the reality is that Toshiba Encore Mini moves quite acceptably in the operating system interface. It is true that applications take a few seconds to open, than moving between system folders in the Explorer It is not the fastest experience we can have.

In our contact we could not test many applications, focusing on some of the functions and services pre-installed in the system (browser, menus, file explorer). Offering only 1 GB of RAM, multitasking may get a bit heavy after a while of using the computer. A feature that may seem prehistoric (the usual practice for a few years is that no less than 2 GB RAM is offered) but that is another of those factors that make it possible to reduce costs to the maximum.

Toshiba Encore Mini, price and availability

Once again, the great virtue of the Encore Mini is its price: for 119 euros we can have a small and limited tablet, but functional by allowing a good part of the basic tasks that we can execute on our PC.

As for the launch date, it will be available on the market over the next few months, without giving us more specific information about its arrival.

More information | Toshiba

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