Toshiba L01, with an external keyboard

Some documents leaked with the "Toshiba roadmap": https: // already revealed one of their next models, the Toshiba L01, a device with mobile phone functions, but which is closer to the characteristics of an ultraportable.

A 7-inch screen and a complete physical keyboard bear witness to this. Of course, this keyboard has the advantage that it does not necessarily have to make the device bigger, since it is not directly linked to it, but is external and we can disconnect it when we do not need it.

Thus, we have a large screen that, according to Toshiba, we can use as a digital photo frame, to watch movies or as a GPS navigator, for which it includes a compass and, predictably, some optional support for the car. In addition, you can also connect speakers to improve the sound.

He Toshiba L01 It has been shown, for now, as a prototype at CEATEC, where it has been seen working with Windows Mobile 6.5. Certainly, a strange concept and that I am not very clear that it will be useful to too many users.

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