Toshiba Satellite Radius 11, touchdown

Toshiba Radius 11 is presented at IFA 2014 with one purpose: to be a convertible laptop with simple features, and hopefully low cost.

Its main value is on the screen, which can be rotated 360 degrees in order to offer various possibilities of use. Classic laptop, tablet or a kind of mode photo frame, all on a small computer (11 inches) that we have tested in Berlin, and whose first impressions we bring you after the jump.

Simple features in a convertible

Lenovo Yoga was the best known of the convertible equipment. The new Toshiba Radius 11 follows its same aesthetics and main functionality, with that screen capable of rotating 360 degrees.

As its name suggests, Radius 11 is 11 inches in size and therefore we can categorize it as one of the smallest notebooks on the market. The screen allows it to be included as a convertible, and can be used as a classic laptop or tablet.

The features are very simple compared to the Lenovo Yoga, including an Intel Celeron processor and 4 GB of RAM. We summarize the main specifications in the following table:

Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 screen 11.6 inch multi-touch Resolution 1366x768 pixels Microprocessor Intel Celeron + Integrated Graphics Storage HDD 500 GB RAM 4 GB DDR3L @ 1600 MHz. Connectivity WiFi up to 802.11n Bluetooth 4.0 HDMI 1xUSB 2.0 and 1xUSB 3.0 Others DTS Audio Webcam HD Battery Up to 11.5 hours (HD) or 9 hours (FullHD) Dimensions 289x199x19.9 mm. Weight 1.3 kilograms

We can place this team between the entry range and the low range of products. After having tested it at the Toshiba stand at IFA 2014, it must be recognized that its performance is quite acceptable, partly thanks to the 4 GB of RAM with which the Windows 8.1 system moves correctly. Once again, like other Toshiba releases in the field of computers, it is a team far from being a leader, although it performs quite well.

The screen is one of the main features. Being 11 inches Toshiba has integrated a panel of 1366x768 pixels, very far from the other densities that are beginning to be common in the market. The difference is appreciable, although it cannot be categorized as bad or insufficient.

The design of the equipment is simple, and although its technical characteristics indicate a weight of 1.3 kilograms on hand it gives the feeling of being somewhat heavy. Its design is Ultrabook type but somewhat thicker, approaching 2 centimeters thick and with a metallic aesthetic, but with plastic as the main manufacturing material.

It does not give the impression of being a bad team, although of course its characteristics can limit it compared to other computers. It is a low-end convertible with the focus on users who do not need the best, if not something functional and, above all, at a good price. It is estimated that it will be around 400 euros, although this figure is not yet official

The price will mark your destination

Not everything is high-performance computers with Core i5 / i7, dedicated graphics or huge amounts of RAM. Cheap laptops are very attractive to a large portion of users who are looking for price over quality or experience.

The Toshiba Radius 11 is, of course, not a leading device. Its characteristics are very simple, and the performance provided is not exorbitant. It will comply for all those who do not have a high level of demand.

Its main attraction is the touch screen and its 360 degree rotation, which will allow us to adopt it for different uses. Classic laptop on a table, or Windows 8.1 tablet to use sitting on the sofa. It is somewhat heavy as a tablet, but it is the price to pay when including a physical keyboard.

The key to this question will be its price, unknown as well as its release date. It should not be too expensive, but not cheap with that screen that many see as a feature. premium. For reference, the 11-inch Yoga 2 that has very similar characteristics is around 600 euros, and this will be very close Radius 11.

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