Toshiba TG01: our impressions

One of the terminals, a priori, more well equipped than those shown in the MWC was the Toshiba TG01. We have already told you about its "impressive specifications": https: //, including a 1 GHz SnapDragon processor.

This should make your performance outstanding. But here we have to throw the anger to Toshiba and it is that the models that they had exposed, at least those that were available to the public, offered a rather bad feeling, even in simple and basic tasks.

Of course, its external appearance is more than remarkable. Despite the huge 4.1-inch screen, the Toshiba TG01 the phone is light and comfortable to hold, although it is certainly not the typical terminal that we put in our pockets. Its thinness contributes to that feeling.

But when we get into the interface we are face to face with reality. Could it be that the screen sensitivity was not well adjusted, that it is a non-final version of the software or anything else, "look at you, it doesn't matter to me", but working with him was impossible.

This interface is based on strips, between which we can move by dragging our finger from one side to the other of the screen. The fact is that on multiple occasions the TG01 He did not detect that gesture and did nothing. And when we got it to do so the performance of the interface was conspicuous by its absence, being the complete opposite of fluid and fast.

A pity, because the interface concept is not bad, especially considering that each of the strips It is configurable and customizable to add access to our favorite functions, in addition to incorporating support for gestures, for example, shake the phone to return to the initial screen.

A separate mention deserves the screen display, which was excellent. It can be seen that Toshiba has applied many of the technologies they use in their televisions to the screen of the TG01.

We were, thus, unable to correctly judge the phone and waiting for a much more refined later version, which some models already have, as shown in the video recorded by the guys from "IntoMobile": http: //www.intomobile. com / 2009/02/18 / up-close-and-personal-with-the-toshiba-tg01-mobile-world-congress.html. Anyway, we can see what the performance should be in the demonstration made by Toshiba.

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