Toshiba TG01

The Toshiba TG01 will make its debut in Spain on June 1 by Movistar. This Windows Mobile touch phone is one of the phones called to stand up to the Apple iPhone.

The Toshiba TG01 goes on sale with a price of between 0 and 200 euros in Spain, and will be the first of the phones that can reach us in Spain from the hand of Movistar in collaboration with the powerful Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo.

Toshiba TG01, with the largest screen on the market

The Toshiba TG01 can boast several features that place it above its closest rivals. The first is its huge 4.1-inch screen, which makes the terminal also huge. It is more like a multifunction equipment than a telephone in use.

With that touch screen (it's not multi-touch) with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, the thickness of the terminal remains below 10 mm thick, which is a great achievement.

The other aspect that this Toshiba TG01 can boast compared to other phones is its power. It will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a speed of 1 Ghz, which doubles the usual in this type of equipment.

It is not surprising with that business card that video playback is a key element. Thus, the Toshiba TG01 is capable of playing video at 720p, which we can see on an external screen. To store them we will have to use almost exclusively the external memory in the form of a microSD card since the internal memory remains in a symbolic 512 MB. Those videos can be in Divx without problems.

Toshiba TG01, with a browser that supports Flash

With such an impressive display, the internet experience of this Toshiba TG01 had to promise. The highlight of this field is that the browser supports flash, so the use of the Internet on mobile is almost limitless.

Connectivity will accompany you, as we have WiFi and HSDPA. It also carries A-GPS, accelerometer and bluetooth.

As for its camera, it is 3.2 megapixels but it does not seem that it will be its strong point because it does not have a flash or the guarantee of a renowned optic.

Toshiba TG01 with Windows Mobile camouflaged

The Toshiba TG01 will come with Windows Mobile, hopefully with improvements in operation as our first impressions were not very encouraging. If you do not recognize the Microsoft mobile operating system in the image below, do not panic: upper layers that mask it will be used to improve its handling with touch screens, as it does HTC with your system HTC TouchFlo.

The operation is based on bars that group programs as we can see below.

Toshiba TG01 price and release date

The Toshiba TG01 goes on sale on June 1 jointly in Japan and Spain. Then it will arrive in other European countries, always associated with an operator.

The price of the TG01 with Movistar will be between 0 and 200 euros, depending on the type of contract we make, with a permanence of 2 years. An important fact is that we should not necessarily use a data plan to get one, although it is recommended.

Movistar will have the exclusive Toshiba TG01 until September.

In Xataka | Toshiba TG01, a very thin giant that scares its rivals.

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