Slot machine: Eroski recycles mobiles

Sometimes, one thinks about whether writing in Xataka will not be promoting the indiscriminate use of technology. If so, you should take it in moderation, and not for anything other than the environment.

In today's consumerist society and eater of electronic devices, the problem of garbage or waste is strongly emerging, because according to the EU, each European generates about 14 kilos of so-called technological waste per year.

That is why Eroski has launched into a campaign that he has been developing for a few years and which is giving such good results: Tragamóvil. It is intended to collect the majority of technological waste (through containers in its centers) that are currently generated, mostly from mobile phones and accessories thereof. The collected devices will undergo a dismantling, classification and treatment process.

He only thinks that in most cases 90% of this device can be valued, that is, that it will avoid, in one way or another, the use of raw materials or energy in the manufacture of another.

So now you know, get informed because surely near your house there will be a center (or call your Town Hall) that can help you so that your taste for gadgets and electronic devices is not harmful more than for your pocket.

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