The tricks to organize the cables at home of the editors of Xataka

You start thinking about how minimalist your workspace is going to be and you end up with a tangle of cables under the table where you find yourself until the Nokia charger of 15 years tangled in it. Having the cables organized is not only a matter of aesthetics (which also), it is much more functional and "healthy" for them ... and if someone has devices with their corresponding chargers, that's us. We have spoken with the editors of Xataka to tell us how they have organized the cables of their desk.

The saying goes that "at the blacksmith's house, a wooden knife" and here we can not agree more: despite the fact that the organization of the cables is a goal of the majority, few have taken it seriously. There are some that have even researched on Reddit to find the best solution and others that are committed to minimalism, sliced ​​bread wires or simply robust cables to avoid deterioration as much as possible.

Strip and clips

Enrique Pérez, editor of Xataka

"I recognize that I am a disaster organizing cables. When I manage to get some of them collected, others are added to the collection and I start again. To try that my desk is not a jungle of cables, I do several things.

On the one hand I have a Brennenstuhl power strip (12.87 euros) somewhat out of the way, so the cables are at least together in one corner.Those that I do not constantly use the sections and those that I almost never use directly I keep. Sometimes the best solution is to simply remove cables.

On the bedside table and the office I also have a couple of self-adhesive clicks (9.99 euros) to be able to fit the cable and force it to pass through there. I would like to say that I get more out of them, but the truth is that in the end I only end up using two. I have a few more in the drawer to put. I hope and wish that when I change my desk, something that I have pending since the move, I can finally get to order them better "

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Cable tray

Javi Pastor, editor of Xataka

"I am not particularly fond of the cables around me but I try not to have them all on me either. On the PC I used for example clips to improve the cooling of the equipment, something common, and in my workspace I used a little trick.

Some devices that I do not need to have in sight are under the table, placed on a shelf (similar to this 18.32 euros) located about 40 cm from the floor. That allows me not to have them above with all the cables and disguises their presence because I do not see them, although they are there with all their cables: my NAS, a switch and some power adapter (like the one on the laptop) are hidden underneath. That there is a little chaos of cables under there is not a problem for me thanks to this solution "


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Velcros and tubes

Yúbal Fernández, editor of Xataka

"In my office, he can distinguish between two types of cable, those of my devices and those that I have temporarily and those of my computer, and for both I use different methods when organizing.

With the cables of the devices I am somewhat less careful, since I have a drawer in my desk dedicated to them and there they all go. But with my computer I am a bit more picky, because I don't like having all the cables above the table.

There is a subreddit called r / DeskCableManagement, and I got several ideas from it. First of all, I have the power strip where everything is connected, hidden behind the chest of drawers. It is not very accessible, but it is neither on the ground nor in sight. Then, the cables of the power strip that are from the computer are joined by simple velcro strips (8.99), and pass through the lower back of the desk through a cable organizer tube (11.88 euros) of which each one It is coming out at the corresponding height.

I have to say that my home computer is a Dell All In One computer, so I don't have as many cables as a tower and I can organize them better, and both my mouse and keyboard are bluetooth to avoid having more cables "

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Plasticized tubes, labels and wires

John Tones, editor of Xataka and Espinof

"As a fan of video games (it is more: old video games) the area close to televisions (apart from the usual flat TV I have a huge tube TV for old consoles) is a veritable tidal wave of cables, which I regularly have to sort and classify so as not to perish. For a time I used those hard plastic tubes with a transverse opening (13.88 euros) that allows to join several cables, but they are so impractical when removing and putting the cables in the tube that I abandoned it (I still use one on the desktop, for those on the computer).

In the end, with the consoles I have opted for the analog system: each cable has a label (7.99 euros) where the name of the console to which it belongs is written, and if possible (for example, the HDMI cable, the Internet connection and the network of the same console) I group them with laminated wires.

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Clips and box

Javier Lacort, editor of Xataka and podcaster at Loop Infinito

"I have few cables, but for those that are essential, I like to use these small clips (9.99 euros) to organize and group them behind the TV or behind the computer monitor, so that they do not show or see a tangle, but glued to the back of each display and bundled together into a single bundle of cables.

Then, for devices that have the external power supply, such as the computer monitor, the charger for the MacBook Pro or the Xbox One that I had at the time, I like this type of box, the one I have is from Ikea (7 euros) But anybody is worth it, I advise to see what size we will need and, if in doubt, opt for the largest one. Much better than having them spread out there, in plain sight. "

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Clips and charging base

Jose García, editor of Xataka

"I'm going to be completely frank. A couple of months ago I bought some hooks (14.99 euros) that can be glued to the table to have the cables well organized, but I admit that I have not used them and that my desk is a Little mess. Not that I have it messy, but it could have better controlled cables. That said, what I do pay close attention to is mobile phones.

As a person who earns a living analyzing devices, it is not uncommon for him to have several cell phones, several watches and several bracelets at home. I was desperate to have so much cable on the counter, but then I came across this charging base (40.99 euros) with four USB ports and a wireless charger and since then, I am a little happier.

The base comes with a few short miniUSB and Lightning cables, but I bought my own. So, I have a bag with miniUSB, Type C and Lightning cables and I change them depending on the case. The base has small trays where the devices can be placed, so I do not have them in between and, as the cables are short, they do not bother me. Highly recommend this purchase, without a doubt. "

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Powercube and box

Eva Rodríguez de Luis, editor of Xataka

"I use the Powercube (19.99 euros) for several reasons: it is more compact than most power strips and allows you to take advantage of the five outlets it carries regardless of how thick the plug is, something that sometimes is not possible. buy it with different shots in case you are traveling or in an extended version, as is my case, which allows me to use it as an extension cord and concentrate them where it is most comfortable for me.

Until weeks ago, I managed with a folio box cover to store my tangle of cables, but I left them visible and it was breaking, so I changed it for a box (21.29 euros) with a lid that can be used to hide the power strip, but which I also use to keep cables and chargers close at hand. "


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Cable organizer

Frankie MB, editor at Vidaextra and collaborator at Xataka

"In terms of cables I am very simple, I admit it. Initially, because I only have permanently plugged in what I use every day. And it is not usually in sight. To be fair, as exceptions, and as loose cables, a USB that I use essentially for everything and the charger for the iPhone and iPad, although in the latter case I change places as I run out of battery.

Everything else, including the printer, the coffee maker, or the fan that I put nearby to write on, usually has the cord rolled up. And the same can be said about the USBs with which I charge the wireless controls of the consoles. All in all, to recharge the Switch Joy Con simultaneously I have a quad charger base (20.95 euros). What I have not found, I'm afraid, is a solution for the braided cable helmets that I use when typing on PC.

At the time I decided to put a simple plastic cable organizer (similar to 4.36 euros) near the PC to have them on hand for external hard drives. In the end I ended up organizing all the cables I use less in a normal box, conveniently wound. As it sounds. I barely open it a couple of times a year, but I'm sure the day after I decide to do the cleaning I'll end up missing something. "

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Cable ties and velcro straps

Gabriela González, editor of Genbeta

"To organize my cables I mainly use two types of cable ties: the plastic ones (3.86 euros) and the velcro ones (5.99 euros). They are the same ones that I use to manage the wiring inside the PC tower when I assemble a The velcro ones are more comfortable because you can easily remove and put them on, but they are more expensive as well. So I use them more on cables where maybe I will move from time to time for some reason, and the plastic ones I use to organize cables that hardly ever move around, like modem wiring and the like.

That is an art, and I personally do not have very nice arrangements. But it is better than having everything flying and mixed and never knowing which cable to move if something fails, or disconnecting to make holes for something else. It's a half solution because I don't really have a place to hide the cables and I always see them anyway. "


César Muela, editorial coordinator of Xataka

"My method cannot be said to be sophisticated, but I think it is quite effective: I use plastinudos, which until now that I have had to write this I did not know they were called that, but they are the typical flexible plastic clamps that come when you buy any type of cable, which also come with the mobile charger or even those in the bread loaf bag.

I bundle all the cables so they don't get loose with these clamps. In the photo that I attach what you see is the back of my router, which is usually a mess of cables. The same thing I do under the table in my office, where some hang, and there what I did was group them as if they were a bunch of cables. Although they do not serve to hide them, it is more tidy, helps cleaning and has the advantage that plastinudos -I declare myself a fan of the name, really- are very easy to get.

Minimalism and bridles

Ángela Blanco, from Xataka Video

"The issue of cables is something that personally worries me and drives me equally, I can't stand having cables hanging or on the table. To avoid this, I have chosen to be minimalist and do without cables as much as possible. Is this What does it mean ?, since both the keyboard, the mouse and the helmets that I use are wireless, so that there is no cable at the table. In my case, both the mouse and the keyboard are Apple's, that is the Magic Mouse 2 and the Magic Keyboard with a numeric keyboard. Regarding the headphones, I use the Sony WH-1000X M3, which from my point of view are great.

And for cables that I can't avoid, like the power supply for the computer and the external monitor, I use the old trick of adjusting them to the maximum and grabbing them with cable ties (6.95 euros), it's simple but it works for me. "

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Minimalism ... and strong and resistant cables

Javier Jiménez, editor of Xataka

"I have moved a lot. About once or twice a year in the last decade and, this is true, the vast majority of the time, for radically different reasons. Therefore, I used to laugh, that the only law that governed my changes The residence was that I had to do it when the cables of the work table became a mess of a thousand demons. It is a very visual comment to understand how I managed my cables. Like the Jocker, more or less.

But, in the end, I have matured and have come to the conclusion that, for many pots, devices and tricks to manage cables that we have, the best cable is the one that is still stored in the box. For me and my tendency to chaos, the only trick is not to use anything new until it is totally necessary. Therefore, the key is to find good, resistant and homologated cables and use them as if there were no tomorrow. Everything else ends up turning against me. "

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