A mobile for the little ones in the house

In Spain, 45.7% of boys and girls between 10 and 14 years old have a mobile phone. This, together with the limited offer focused on this sector (which requires slightly more specialized services than those currently offered) has made Telefónica decide to launch a telephone kit for the youngest members of the household.

Just yesterday, Telefónica Móviles presented it at a press conference. They have called it My first mobile phone and it consists of the Motorola C-650, a multimedia mobile phone with a camera and the possibility of sending MMS messages, a prepaid card Your time, focused on saving calls, and a series of exclusive services, such as the possibility of limiting to 15 the numbers that can be called, being able to choose another 15 that can neither be called nor send messages. Unlimited access to e-motion and the "Locate me" service will also be given, as well as offering the possibility of installing educational programs on the mobile.

As you can see, all of this focused on consumer control, security, and even getting some educational benefit.

The kit will be on sale on July 15 for 105 euros. We will see what acceptance it has.

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