A phone and a projector for a new way to play

Many different ways to represent information and make it interactive with innovative control systems, a few hours ago we showed you how the Project Natal scene was seen, and it is a reality that systems like Wii and Playstation Move are going to accompany us in our playful moments. But there are still ideas to exploit like the one I present in this news.

The development of tiny projectors is reaching important levels, if we add to this that practically all mobiles have an accelerometer and a camera, we can find a rather original combined use of the three such as the one we present to you with Twinkle, a device that basically shows us what can be achieved. We will see it in the following video:

Although we talked about something shown last year, it is interesting to bring it up now that the necessary technology is available to anyone. Far from using a pico projector for typical PowerPoint presentations, Twinkle It allows us to project animated graphics that respond to patterns captured by the camera of our device, and can also act according to its movement thanks to the built-in accelerometer.

Moject, a similar idea using an iPhone

Moject (Motion Projection) is based on an idea similar to the one we can see in Twinkle, but with a pico projector and an iPhone, which are devices that we can find on the market.

As we can see in the video below, an interactive projection is made again based on the phone's accelerometer. This time the camera of the device does not come into play to recognize scene patterns, so the idea is simpler than that presented in Twinkle, and therefore less interesting.

We like the result more or less, the interesting thing is to stay with the concept and that a company with a budget and vision knows how to get the most out of the idea.

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