A 20-meter screen to play with your mobile

If someone is bored of playing on the 200 pixel wide screen of their mobile, they can do it at a 20 meter high. It is what they propose in the project Arcadian. This is a project carried out by the same people who created Blinkenlights, an initiative from a few years ago that uses the lights of an office building as a huge display on which they make drawings and animations.

Arcade uses this technology for video game programming. At the moment it allows us to play classics like Pong, Tetris, Breakout and Pacman. The grace is that now they have programmed it so that it can be played through the mobile phone. If you are in front of the National Library of France and dial +33 (1) 44 24 73 50, you can play a Tetris game. Of course, those people who are bothered by looking at them while playing should abstain. [Thanks Kedume]

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