A week moving around the city with a hoverboard

The hoverboard appeared in our present time as it does in our lives: it bursts in before us sliding, leaving behind our open mouths and taking away our astonished gaze. A very movie fantasy of our childhood materialized in the best possible way to become something everyday. But, is our reality ready for this overproduction?

After the hoverboard fashion (the "consumer", the wheeled), not without controversy, we set ourselves a challenge with this hybrid between skateboard and segway. Beyond a product analysis, we wanted to check what it is like to live with this device and use it on a daily basis to go to the places we go to in our routine, and specifically we have done it with the Nilox Doc. And after that time Coming and going with him everywhere, we tell you about the experience of moving for a week with a hoverboard.

Day 1: we will do paperwork

Bureaucracy is something that we do not usually like and that, due to laziness or neglect, we usually leave for that "other day" that does not come until it is urgent. So we are going to take the bull by the horns and get rid of paperwork and various appointments with the administration and other commitments that should not be delayed: appointments with the city council and with our health.

Entering a town hall with a hoverboard is basically an impossible mission

Entering a town hall with a hoverboard is basically an impossible mission. The entrance is variable according to the session and there are more or less large and direct, but usually there are already police guarding the entrance. The hoverboard per se does not go unnoticed, and approaching it towards the door of a town hall is like entering with flares; The guards stare at you before crossing the threshold, and your natural reaction, despite not doing anything wrong, is to automatically get off the device, turn it off and enter carrying it like a radio cassette player on the shoulders of an 80s rapper.

Entering a health center is more or less the same. The presence of security here is variable, and if there is, it is not always at the entrance. But whatever the situation in this regard, entering the micro-vehicle is a potential danger. As you might think, the hoverboard is framed inside the skates and these are not allowed in health centers, so we will have to carry it again until we leave it.

Day 2: we will make the purchase, part I

Currently there are several types of supermarkets (shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets) and depending on what they are we can access more or less. We wanted to try at least one of each of these stores, and in general here the bargain also lasts little: in product aisles there is no place for hoverboards.

The hypermarkets have part of the market itself and some external corridors as a small commercial gallery with bars and third-party stores (independent of the market). In these cases we can move without problems through these external corridors, depending on each store, whether they let us in or not with it (here we had no problems). The security personnel explained to us that neither inside the market nor in the corridor that is at the exit of the same (of the boxes) is it not allowed to circulate with skates, scooters and others, entering the hoverboard in this group.

Day 3: we are going to make the purchase, part II

The human being lives not only on food (but almost). In addition to going to the supermarket, in our routine it is usual to go to different types of shops. And the situation experienced in each establishment entering with the hoverboard also differs in each case.

We went to the pharmacy with the clear intention that they would not let us in (we admit it). We think that the fact that there are often numerous displays and devices such as scales and blood pressure monitors made us think that we were going to be a potential danger again. But it wasn't, not at least the one we tried. The pharmacist told us that it didn't matter and that in fact a girl with a bicycle had entered us previously (which, on an improvised and very personal scale of potential chaos, stood above us).

Entering a small shop with the hoverboard is a magnet for looks and a trigger for silence or whispering

In most small shops, in fact, they have not made us fault (we almost had them ourselves as it was quite difficult, for example, to select fruits and weigh them). We are not going to lie: entering one of them with the hoverboard is a magnet for looks and a trigger for silence or whispering. But the truth is that after that they have not usually caught our attention, at best some curious question. Buying shoes or makeup with hoverboard is not comfortable, but it is possible.

Day 4: technology versus technology, fight!

Although a hoverboard is not something that involves very complex machinery, the truth is that the average user profile tends to be at least curious about current technology and to test what is coming out. What happens if we go to a store selling technology mounted on it?

Well, we did not go beyond the threshold of the door. Again here we are a threat, especially in stores that have devices on tables that are exposed enough so that they can be tested by customers. Although we have not been able to say if there is a regulation on both these devices and skates in general, from the first moment we were not allowed to walk with the hoverboard between mobiles, computers, tablets and other electronic devices.

Day 5: not rail for hoverboards

We may find taking our public transportation at some point in our routine. Here the thing is clear if in our case we have to finish on the bus, since it is impossible to get on the hoverboard and move through the narrow and usually busy corridor with it it can be almost impossible depending on how full the vehicle is. Not to mention, also, how annoying it could be for other passengers.

The train is also not a friend of these motorized skates

The train is also not a friend of these motorized skates. Although we can get on the wagon like someone who gets on the bike, once up we will have to carry it (and it is far from light). In the station they have not forbidden us to be with him, although in the underground they have not taken their eyes off us and we have chosen to exercise as a normal human and rest from the skate.

Day 6: from shopping center to shopping center, and hoverboard on my shoulder because it's my turn

Shopping with a hoverboard is per se a challenge if we are especially fond of going home with a good collection of paper bags as we accumulate them. But this is not really too easy, since in many commercial galleries there are regulations regarding skates and scooters and here our "means of transport" is usually included.

Once again we have been the center of attention of the security personnel after our "triumphal" entry

Thus, as with supermarkets, there are also several types of shopping center: closed, open or populated type. In the latter we have been able to circulate without problems, yes, for what the "streets" are, but this has not happened in open and closed shopping centers. Here we find the sign that prohibited skates directly at the entrance or, as has been customary, we have been the focus of attention of the security staff and after our "triumphal" entry into the compound they have come to request that they not we could circulate with it in the interiors of the center.

Day 7: finally, sun and relaxation (on wheels)

To be honest, calling our motorized displacement "walking" is a kind of self-deception, but the truth is that it is quite pleasant and relaxing to get carried away by this small device, especially if it is Sunday and we have gone to the beach . Here again it makes no difference that it is one of the most important tourist centers in the community: going through the promenade with the hoverboard will mean being the center of attention and the talk of the people we leave behind.

In this case we are not a danger and there is no rule that prevents us from crossing the sea breeze with our hoverboard, even if we are in the middle of one of the typical markets that are mounted or we go through the area of ​​terraces and shops (something that we could ask both the local police and the Civil Guard). Of course: as it happened with small businesses, being able to enter a store with the hoverboard will depend on it, and in some places we may not be able to circulate with it, such as in restaurants (something that logically extends beyond those of the beach).

Is it possible to live a normal life with a hoverboard?

It is very difficult to imagine carrying a "standard" routine with a hoverboard

Being realistic and above all practical, it is very difficult to imagine having a "standard" routine with a hoverboard. The simple fact of going to work or to some of the establishments that we have already mentioned supposes in most of the times a complication due to the different surfaces and changes in gradients (we cannot go up / down ramps with more than 30% inclination and the longitudinal axis cannot be tilted more than 10%). Something that, in fact, is perfect for us to see which areas and shops still pose architectural barriers for those who move with wheelchairs or cars.

In new areas and walks we find usually smooth paving or tiles whose grooves do not pose much problem (except for possibly annoying chattering of our teeth due to small jumps). But still we have to be very careful when the floors are polished, waxed or with a lower coefficient of friction, since it is easier for one or both wheels to skid.

We have not gone with him in the rain for obvious reasons, but after, and the experience is not safe nor recommended. Neither are sandy or clayey soils, something that we find in gardens and parks on a regular basis.

The device itself is not a problem except the weight. It is a 10 kilogram device, that is, how to carry two jugs of water (5 liters) each time that for whatever reason we could not move with it (as, for example, in shopping centers). Some include a case that has two handles to carry it (in a sports bag), but it ends up being exhausting if we spend several hours with it.

Normally it is about small trips throughout the day and usually endures well the day and even more

Of course, what should not be forgotten is not the battery. Normally these are small trips throughout the day and it usually endures the day well and even more depending on the total time we use it (according to the manufacturer, the average duration is 2 hours, but this would be going with it continuously). In fact, when it warns that the battery level is low we can hurry up a lot and go even a couple of kilometers more. Therefore, if in our day we are going to use it for hours and it is itinerant, we should not forget the charger either, and this is "one more item" to carry.

What we will never get rid of is never being the center of attention (as we have already commented in some of the cases). Despite having been news at the time and since people are sometimes familiar, going on a hoverboard in a city is currently a claim for the curiosity of other pedestrians and it is rare that we are not asked about the experience or about the price. We are probably ready for it (with more or less confidence it will catch the trick soon), but the world is not the hoverboard.

In Xataka | Hendo teaches us in operation what a hoverboard really is

Update: The Nilox Doc has been released for testing by Nilox. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.

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