Quality mobile video games with OnLive

If OnLive is already considering the sea of ​​interesting (although as we commented, somewhat utopian), they could have a market in something that until now we did not know, or at least we did not give enough importance: video games on mobile phones

In the video above you can see a demonstration of OnLive for iPhone with the Crysis video game, according to many the most demanding on the market. Although the image does not correspond directly to the screen of the phone if not with a projector, the one of the graphics seems excellent and the controls do not seem entirely bad compared to what the terminals themselves usually offer us. Still, keep in mind that it is not yet the final product, although it is the beginning of an interesting mobile video game platform for the medium-long term future.

Perhaps the main problem of OnLive when implementing your system on a mobile phone is the controls. A computer or console video game cannot be operated on a mobile phone, no matter how powerful it is, since it does not have the necessary controls to carry out all the movements or functions. A possible solution would be to reduce the possibilities of the game, although then we could not speak of the same video game as the original if not of an adaptation; or simply create PC and console video games that can be controlled 100% under a mobile terminal.

Another major problem is the connectivity of a mobile. Remember that OnLive works in the following way: the user wants to play a game, this game runs on the OnLive servers and generates a video signal that is sent to the user; the user plays the video on their screen.

OnLive needs a huge Internet connection, something that today's mobile networks offer in a very limited way (let's recognize that although the HSDPA theoretical go to 7.2 Mbps, in reality that figure is never reached) but that could be partially solved with WiFi connectivity. Now, what is the use of playing Crysis with my mobile phone at home if I have it on my computer or console. It loses much of the sense.

And I still reserve several doubts about it, such as the compatible systems and the hardware requirements of the terminals; or the actual list of video games that can be played under a mobile phone. And a few more.

But it is soon. OnLive is a very promising system that requires many hours of work, optimization, and above all time for domestic technology to be up to the standards of such a platform.

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