Video calls from the landline

Video calls have become the great demand of telephone operators to sell third-generation mobile telephony, focusing almost all the advertising effort on them. However, video calls are not going to be exclusive to mobile phones, but we are going to be able to make them through landlines. So Telefónica It has created a new service that allows the transmission of the image of the interlocutors and the exchange of photos at the same time that a conventional conversation is carried out. To be able to subscribe this service it will be necessary to have a compatible telephone - Domo or Famitel they are - and to acquire a screen that both parties must have. This screen will have an initial cost of 239.88 euros, while the price of video calls will be the same as that of current connections, at least in this launch phase.

Perhaps useful for those who do not have Internet and cannot enjoy videoconferencing services or perhaps because of the poor quality in most of these occasions, Telefónica offers these videophones. To this we must add the lack that they can only communicate with each other, without the possibility of establishing video calls with mobile phones.

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