Vitoria closes schools for at least 15 days, Madrid doubles infections and deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours

The spread of the coronavirus begins to have very worrying shades in Spain, but until now there have been no particularly forceful movements when it comes to restricting the functioning of society. Now the first of those movements has just occurred.

The Department of Education of the Basque Government has convened an emergency meeting regarding the advance of the coronavirus and has decided to close the 70 educational centers in Vitoria. The colleges, institutes, universities and Vocational Training centers of the capital of Alava will remain closed for at least the next fifteen days.

Basque Country and Madrid as risk areas

The emergency measure was taken at a meeting held after detecting a positive for coronavirus in two teachers in one of the public schools in the capital of Alava, Odón De Apraiz in the Zaramaga neighborhood. This center had communicated to parents via WhatsApp that the school would close just 10 minutes before entering the center, which has caused confusion and bewilderment.

Fernando Simón.

The meeting of government officials in this area has prompted a decision that provoked reactions even before the measure was made public. Nieves Maya, director of Carmelitas Sagrado Corazón, explained in statements to El Correo how "with everything we are hearing we fear the worst: the closure of schools. It would be a very difficult measure for families to manage."

The closure of these educational centers poses, as Maya said, an obvious problem: the majority of those affected are children who cannot be alone at home, something that will make it necessary for parents and family to organize in order to continue working with a certain normality.

The news highlights the situation that many other Spanish populations could face in the coming days. In Madrid the number of infections has gone from 202 to 469 and the number of deaths from 8 to 16 in just 24 hours, according to the Madrid Ministry of Health, reports El País.

The figures have doubled and Fernando Simón, director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, spoke of two risk areas in Spain, Madrid and the Basque Country. There are especially delicate cases such as that of the Valdemoro hospital in Madrid, which has been "overwhelmed" by the coronavirus according to El País.

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