Vodafone 360 ​​M1 arrives to complement the H1

As the flagship of Vodafone 360, the operator has presented the Vodafone 360 ​​H1, a high-end mobile, but this comes with another model with somewhat simpler features and a fairly similar design. Its name, Vodafone 360 ​​M1.

In this case, the screen size has been reduced slightly to 3.2 inches, being equally tactile, but instead of AMOLED it's kind TFT. Its storage is also reduced, which here is given by a 1 GB MicroSD memory card.

Other fields in which the Vodafone 360 ​​M1 lags a little behind its older brother are the camera, which is 3 megapixels, and connectivity, since it supports HSDPA but not Wi-Fi. Otherwise, the benefits are similar, as it includes a receiver Gps u a good battery, which offers up to 10 hours of autonomy in conversation.

This model will go on sale in three different colors, black, white and red, and you will enjoy the Vodafone 360 ​​experience. For benefits, it would not surprise me if they offered it practically free with a permanency contract, since the operator is interested promote your new service, which will also be accompanied by the corresponding data rate.

More information | Vodafone.

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