Vodafone 360 ​​continues to grow with Tuenti and Twitter

Vodafone continues with its commitment to social networks and mobile integration with its platform Vodafone 360, from which they launched a pair of terminals based on LiMo with it integrated and that they later presented for S60. Now it comes to more platforms.

Android is the following operating system that you can enjoy Vodafone 360 ​​services, specifically Vodafone People, a connected agenda. It is available in more than 80 terminals and the Google system can integrate it now.

Vodafone People is a connected calendar, which synchronizes all our addresses and contacts with different social networks, also making a backup of all of them. The agenda is also integrated with status updates, so far on Facebook.

But this social network is joined by others that will greatly enhance the platform. Specifically, we talk about Tuenti and Twitter and an own application for Facebook, greatly expanding the range of options and adding one, such as Tuenti, which has great impact among the younger audience.

Until now the integration with Facebook was limited to the state, the photos of the contacts and little else. But the application they are launching now adds many more functionalities, catching up with the existing ones for other platforms, such as iPhone or Windows Mobile.

The Facebook application is now available for download, while the Tuenti It will arrive during this week, since they are finishing giving you the last reviews. The one on Twitter is not official and it is called Twitta.

The e-books They are another of Vodafone's strong bets to boost this platform. Through Todoebooks They will offer a large number of e-books from known publishers and authors. The price of books will be below 10 euros, between 30 and 50% below the price on paper.

More information | Vodafone.

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