Vodafone will market Nexus One in May, with free GPS navigation included

Update: the registration page is already enabled.

It was an open secret that Vodafone and Nexus One would appear together on the market next month, we had the opportunity to confirm it last Friday in XatakaMóvil thanks to a leak in the news on the Vodafone website. Now it is the operator itself that informs us that they will start distributing Nexus One in Spain from May.

More details on its commercialization will be announced soon, but we know that the way to be able to acquire the terminal will be the traditional points of sale and in the Vodafone online store. The operator has created a page where you can register if you are interested in the Nexus One, which does not seem to be operational yet.

We are trying to inform ourselves about the possibility that Google will enable its online store for sale in Spain, but I consider that it will be complicated considering the modest reception it has had in USA the service, although on the other hand it is the only way to get the official accessories.

Note that in our market the phone will include free navigation "Turn by Turn" with Street View of Google Maps Navigation, being the first Android terminal to arrive in Spain with this possibility. We remind you that in the United Kingdom they have been enjoying the service for a few days.

England, the gateway to Europe

On the other hand, I would like to inform you that Vodafone in the United Kingdom has begun to accept reservations for the Nexus One today, to reach customers before the 5th. In the operator's stores it will be available from April 30. The rest of the markets in which Nexus One will appear in the following days are France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

The phone is in direct competition with its twin HTC Desire, which in England is presented with a price 120 pounds lower than the Nexus One if we compare a purchase of 24 months of contract. But with the advantage on Google's phone of having a better data connection. What will be the plans for our market?

We are already looking forward to the phone reaching our country, after having tested it and rated it positively. It is also having a very good reception among readers, if you go through the Nexus One product page you can see its ratings, or collaborate with yours in the event that you had not.

More information | Vodafone | Google.

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