Vodafone already has its HSPA + connection ready, 21.6 Mbps for mobile Internet

Vodafone will offer a new speed of access to mobile Internet from autumn. The theoretical speed of data download will be 21.6 Mbps, while the upload speed will be 5.7 Mbps.

The tests will start in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Seville, Valencia, Malaga and Zaragoza, where in perfect and ideal conditions we can connect to the Internet from a laptop with the help of a USB stick at a speed of 21.6 Mbps, HSPA + technology .

Everything would be very nice if it were not for the moment, on the subject of mobile Internet we continue with the limitations in the data to download (or speed) and with quite high prices. At the moment, the price of this new Vodafone connection has not been made public.

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