W900i, the rumor of the future Walkman Sony Ericsson

Unofficial specifications for the future Sony Ericsson W900i, Sony Ericsson's next big gem, are already appearing online. It is a mobile that inherits the color scheme of its predecessor, although it changes format and is now a mobile with a cover. The screen of this cover stands out, as it is 1.5 ", larger than usual.

And in its specifications, of course, the MP3 support could not be missing and some more than enough 300 MB. It will also come with a 2 Megapixel camera, USB and Bluetooth 1.2 with support for wireless headphones. Something very appreciated.

In short, very good specifications, and very good mobile (if everything announced is met), but the competition (Nokia N91, future Motorola RAZR and others) is going to be very tough.

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