WiFi SkyFone, mobile that allows you to call via Skype

Companies offering mobile phone services must be quite scared by the new presentation from the company Accton Technology, the WiFi SkyFone WM1185-T, a mobile that allows calls through Skype.

In case someone does not know what Skype is, it is one of the latest technological booms. Technically it is just another VoIP protocol, although it has become incredibly popular. With this mobile model, therefore, calls can be made at a very low price through this protocol without using a PC, as was the case up until now.

With this type of news, it seems that it is becoming clear that in the future voice calls through mobile phones are destined to have a very low price, either with systems such as the one we have just presented or because the telephone companies are going to have they lower their rates. In any case, this will benefit the consumer.

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