Windows Phone 7 Series, total break in the mobile operating system

Needless to say, Windows Mobile has been the ugly duckling of mobile operating systems for the past few years. Despite the multiple functions offered by the operating system, the lack of evolution and an unattractive interface have been dragging it down. With Windows Phone 7 Series Microsoft wants to become a swan.

The focus on the consumer is very clear in this new version of the operating system, which breaks so much with what exists that they have preferred to completely change it to the name. Hardly any detail will remind us of what was offered so far with Windows Mobile.

Update October 2010. Officially presented, all the information about Windows Phone 7

Immediate access to information, integration of multimedia content and the use of other Microsoft services, such as Xbox LIVE Zune Music will be some of the highlights of Windows Phone 7 Series, with a much more attractive visual appearance than its predecessors.

The home screen offers a number of live panels, in which content is shown in real time, from news to status updates from our contacts. We can, for example, create a panel for one of our contacts showing the latest photos that have been uploaded to their social networks, the latest messages published, ...

Another of the basic functionalities of Windows Phone 7 Series are the Windows Phone Hubs, that show us in the same view web content, applications, services, ... related to each other. By default, the system will come with six hubs different.

People. It will show the latest updates from social networks and the photos sent, also allowing sending updates to Facebook or Windows Live.

Photos. It facilitates the sharing of photos and video from the same place, integrating not only with the web but also with our computer, to have access to our entire collection.

Games. Xbox LIVE will be the key to this hub, which will include games and access to the online service.

Music and video. In this case, Zune is the service that is integrated into the system, offering access to content that we have stored on our computer, that we download from online sites or that we tune in through the FM radio. The Zune HD interface will be an old acquaintance for Windows Phone 7 Series.

Application market. It allows access to the market and the download of applications to the mobile.

Office. The quintessential office application will also be available for the latest version of the mobile operating system. Office, OneNote and SharePoint Workspace will allow us to read, edit and share documents, while with Outlook Mobile we will have access to all the functions of this manager from the phone.

Bing isn't out of the equation, either, and all Windows Phone 7 Series phones will have a physical hotkey for search.

But we still have enough to enjoy the first devices with this integrated operating system. It will be from the end of this year when they start to reach the market, and there are already several manufacturers that have promised to present models with it, including Dell, Garmin-Asus, HTC, HP, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Thosiba and Qualcomm.

In addition, there are still many doubts about the capabilities and functionalities of Windows Phone 7 Series, which we hope will be unveiled in the coming days.

UPDATE We added the official videos of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

More information | Windows Phone 7 Series.

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